Porter Sales

LITTLE ROCK - Line Sheet

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Tapes, Wire Connectors, Terminals, Fastening Products, Wire Marking, Aerosols, Adhesives, Wire Pulling Lubricants, Fire Protection Products, Terminations, Modular Splicing, Splices, Heat Shrinkable Products

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Allied Moulded

Residential Non-Metallic Boxes
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Atlas Lighting Products

Portable Flood, Area, Fluorescent, Vandal, Wall, Hi-Bay, Low-bay, Ballasts

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Bergen Industries

Temporary Lights, Tube Guard and Vapor Tight Enclosures

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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BWF a Division of Teddico

A Complete Line of Weatherproof Electrical Products, Steel Boxes and Conduit Fittings

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PVC Pipe, Fittings, Spacers and Boxes 

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Hammond Transformer

Standard Transformers from 25VA to 5 MVA. Control, Buck-Boost, Line Reactors, Energy Efficient Transformers, (General Purpose, K-Factor, Harmonic Mitigating) Drive Isolation, Auto Transformer Encapsulated, and Medium Voltage Didribution Transformers
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Armored Cables Including AC, ACF, and MC Cables. MC-Quik and MC-Stat Cables, Industrial and Commerical Liquidtight Conduit and Flexible Metal Conduit, Liquid-Tuff, Whips and Special Application Cables

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Complete Line of Aluminum Wire Including Building Wire, URD, Service Drop, UD, SER and More

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Industrial, Commercial & Residential Wiring Devices; Pin & Sleeve; Wet guard; TVSS; Lighting Controls; Decora Devices; Occupancy Sensors; Telcom and Home Automation Products

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Commercial & Industrial Enclosures, Meter Mounting Equipment, RV and Mobile Home Pedestals

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Electrical Conduit Fittings, Elbows (GRC, EMT, IMC, Aluminum), Nipples (Black, Galvanized, Zinc Plated), Couplings (Black, Galvanized), PVC and Epoxy Coating

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Communication Services/Concrete Pullbox and Handholes/Equipment Structures/Vaults, Equipment Pads/Plastic Pullbox and Handholes/Towers Structures

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Electrical Connectors, Compression Tools, Distribution Blocks and Split Bolts

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Pentair Thermal Management

Mineral Insulated Cables and Technology
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Off-the-Shelf or Customized Wire Management Solutions, Harsh Environment Connectors
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Kwik Loc Cable Lock to Suspend Fluorescent and HID Lighting

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Rymco EMT and Pytco Rigid Conduit

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Superior Essex

Instrumentation, Control, Power and Medium Voltage Cables. Fire Alarm, Security and Coaxial

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Strut and Accessories - Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Steel

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United Copper Industries

Copper Building Wire THHN, TFFN, NM-B, UF-B, MC Cable, HCF, XHHW-2, Bare Copper

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Universal Lighting

LED Luminares, Replacement Drivers, Chains, Modules,Occupancy Sensors, Power Packs, Linear, CFL, T5, T5HO Ballasts, Magnetic, Electronic HID Ballasts, Step, 0-10V Analog, DALI Digital Dimming Ballasts, Demand Response, Plus Flourescent Lamps and Lampholders

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Wire Cable Tray Systems