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Control Solutions - LSI Virticus

LSI Virticus products and services enable you to reduce energy and maintenance costs by 30-50% by utilizing our communication and control system that enables the management of lights individually and collectively. Our solution scales economically from 10 lights in a church parking lot to 10,000,000 lights managed by a city. Today, outdoor lighting is largely managed through photocells or timers, which does not give property managers enough control over lighting to minimize energy costs while ensuring safety. LSI Virticus provides a very fine level of control over your lighting network, enabling you to clearly define your lighting needs relative to the costs to attain them.

Lighting control for the life of your building

No other lighting control manufacturer has the same history of "No-Fail" product quality. When looking for the right lighting control solution, remember NexLight is the only company building lighting control panels, switches and sensors with the quality to last for the life of the building. Designing, manufacturing, and supporting lighting control solutions for over 20 years. That’s a track record we're proud of. Whether the goal is to renovate existing facility lighting, or construct a new LEED building, NexLight has the experience and expertise to understand your lighting and controls project goals and assist in developing the right solution to maximize energy efficiency.

Imagine it. Light it. Control it.

GE Total Lighting Controls plays a critical role in lighting design for retail, hospitality and office applications.  With energy savings and environmental performance leading today's lighting charge, control means so much more than a simple “on” or “off.” Lighting control means having the ability to light harvest a 105-story high-rise. To detect motion as slight as a wave of a hand. To have illumination where and when you need it, and the flexibility to conserve when you don't. At GE, lighting control means having the capability to find a solution to any problem. And if that solution doesn't exist, to invent it.

Lighting Your Way with a Simple System Architecture

Encelium ... lighting control for the smart building.  Stand-alone lighting components such as electronic dimming ballasts, photo and occupancy sensors and lighting analog controls aren’t new. What’s new and brilliant is how Encelium’s Energy Management System™ (EMS) interconnects and networks these devices to give you unprecedented lighting energy control. Best of all, Encelium keeps costs down by utilizing standard light control components in the architecture.