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New Products

Atlas Introduces their Alpha Series of LED Fixtures

Atlas's new Alpha Series of LED fixtures are Fast Selling, High Performance and Affordable!  Check out their new Wall Pack ProPower Flood Pro and Wall Lights, which are all included in the Atlas quickSHIP program.  

GE's Albeo ABV1 Series LED High Bay Fixture Leads the Industry with Luminous Efficacy

GE’s industrial-grade Albeo ABV1 Series LED high bay lighting fixture provides tremendous energy efficiency and affordability. Offering a faster return on investment than other high bay lighting fixtures, the ABV1 Series is built with a robust, high-quality design and is ideal for replacing 250-watt to 1500-watt high intensity discharge (HID) and four- to eight-lamp T5/T8 high intensity fluorescent lighting, which typically burn out after 20,000-30,000 hours. The rated L70 life for the ABV1 Series is 100,000 hours.

LSI Industries - XFLM LED Flood Light - Medium

The New XFLM is the ideal floodlighting solution for a wide range of outdoor architectural applications. Stunningly good looks, durable construction and outstanding performance are the benchmarks of the XFLM series. Interchangeable LED optical panels provide a choice of distributions which are sure to meet your needs.

Juno Lighting Group - Trac 12 Linear Color LED Modules

Add a splash of color to any environment with Juno Lighting's Trac 12 Linear Color LED. Available in Blue, Green or Red, Trac 12 Linear Color LED Modules enable a simple, economical and flexible way to add dramatic color to an environment.  Perfect for restaurants, lounges, theatres, lobbies, retail spaces, residential settings or anywhere color is desired.  Their low profile, and the miniaturized dimensions of the Trac 12 system, make them the ideal linear lighting choice for coves, niches and other accent or display lighting applications.

Indy ChromaControl - LED Technology

Imagine having total control of your lighting like never before. Introducing lofty new levels of LED performance. The advanced light engine that powers the Indy ChromaControl luminaire family is responsible for a new state-of-the-art in LED performance. It employs broad-spectrum LED strings to produce exceptionally high color accuracy that renders illuminated objects in the best possible light. Including the two new industry changing technologies, black body dimming, and tunable white color tuning. 

Lumination LED Luminaire - IS Series

Lumination IS Series Suspended LED Fixtures bring highly efficient light and a modern, clean appearance to any setting with an open ceiling design. These innovative luminaires make it easy to create long continuous rows of LED light, uninterrupted by dark spots between fixtures. This dramatic effect is strikingly sleek…and simple to achieve by utilizing an innovative rail fastening system that allows mounting from wherever the ceiling supports are located. They also can be snapped together end-to-end, saving additional installation time and labor costs.

Lumination LED Luminaire - DI Series

GE Lumination DI Series LED Downlights are changing the way lighting designers, retailers, interior designers, merchandisers and architects think about downlighting. The new DI Series features Infusion LED technology, a breakthrough modular design that allows for tool-free upgrade as LED technology advances, ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership. Choose the perfect lumen output, color temperature, and optical distribution for your project. Discover great color rendering and consistency, operational savings and long life in a leading edge LED fixture with a changeable lighting module that can be scaled for your environments.

Albeo LED Luminaire - ABHX

Modular High & Low Bay Lighting

The award winning Albeo™ ABHX Series LED Luminaire utilizes innovative heat-sinking and cutting-edge LED technology to deliver a wide range of light outputs that replace 250W-1,500W HID and four-to-eight lamp T5/T8 high intensity fluorescent (HIF) fixtures in high and low bay applications. The ABHX Series offers more lumens from fewer LED modules than previous generations and can be matched with motion, daylight and wireless controls for increased energy savings, lower maintenance costs and shorter paybacks.  Visit our website for more information.